How it works?

Welcome to our interactive learning platform!

To take full advantage of what we offer, it's important to understand how our system works:

Registration required:

To participate in our courses, you must first register. This will create a personal profile and give you access to learning materials and tests.

Points system for lessons:

You earn points for each lesson you complete. This encourages consistent learning and ensures that each learning stage is evaluated.

Points for tests:

You also earn points for each question you answer correctly on the test. This encourages active and attentive learning of the material.

Additional points for speed:

Points are awarded not only for correct answers, but also for speed. The faster you answer the test questions, the more additional points you will receive. Each unused second during the test is converted into additional points (1 second = 1 point).

Tracking and motivation:

Our system tracks your progress and points, allowing you to see how you are doing in the courses. This helps to maintain motivation and track your progress in real time.

Start learning now:

Register, participate in lessons, take tests and earn points! Our platform provides a great opportunity not only to learn, but also to compete with other participants, thus promoting friendly competition and effective learning. We are waiting for you to join!


After completing the courses
you will be able to

You will gain a deep understanding of the LEADER program principles and the ability to apply them in a real-world setting. By applying this knowledge, you will become a changemaker in your community, promoting well-being and innovation. Additionally, by demonstrating leadership and creativity, you will be able to inspire and be an example for others who seek positive change.
Initiate Change
Become a Leader
Promote Sustainability and Innovation